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Teachers put to the test

February 17, 2004

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Teachers across the country are now openly subject to criticism as their students exert their opinions publicly through, a site that is rapidly growing in popularity, as teachers are recognizing and...

New exhibit in Norseman Gallery deals with sensitive issue

February 12, 2004

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The Norseman Gallery is now home to a new type of exhibit. "High Contrast: Shades of our Identities" is a traveling photo exhibit for youth about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students. The exhibit features...

Tower Building to become new home for barn owls

February 12, 2004

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The Palo Alto High School Tower Building will soon become home to a pair of nesting barn owls, thanks to Paly’s administration and the Nation Audubon Society. The owls, which had been living in one of the large palm trees at...

Rejection Letter Wall coming soon

February 5, 2004

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Student Body President Amy Rogg is asking for seniors who are willing to give a copy of a rejection or deferral letter from colleges to please bring them to one of the senior class representatives or Student Actvities Director...

Paly prepares for the AMC

January 30, 2004

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The Math Department is in the process of preparing its upper level math students for the upcoming American Mathematical Competitions, AMC for short, on Tuesday. The AMC is an annual competition in which both Paly and Gunn compete,...

China Boy author Gus Lee speaks to sophomores

January 26, 2004

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Gus Lee, author of the renowned China Boy, appeared before sophomore English classes today, stressing the importance of following one’s dreams and holding onto beliefs. Lee prompted discussion of the book by inquiring how ma...

Relive the excitement of Spirit Week on DVD

January 18, 2004

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Spirit Week is one of Paly's most renowned traditions. Most students recall the loud cheering, up-beat rallies, and a rainbow of class colors. Fortunately, for all the students who want to reminisce about Spirit Week, In Focus...

New parking policy hopefully in effect late January

December 16, 2003

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For months, Palo Alto High School students have become used to minimal enforcement in the two parking lots on campus. However, presently, a new parking policy is being considered which would end these days and provide strict enforcement...

Recovery continues, service on Friday

November 15, 2003

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A public memorial service, moment of silence tribute, and a parent meeting tomorrow night have been planned in response to the death of sophomore student Ben Tachibana. The memorial service will be at the Roller, Hapgood, and...

Pool fundraisers raise support from More-Moola, eBay

November 4, 2003

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Imagine being able to not only clean out your attic, but also raise money for the Paly pool simultaneously. While not a likely combination of events, Paly’s ACCEL foundation and Gunn Sports Boosters have created an event to...

District resolving Paly network problems

October 21, 2003

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Most of the network problems plaguing Palo Alto High School since the June security breach (see related story) have been resolved in the past few weeks with cooperation from the district. Among them are the restoration of digital...

Council candidate Frost fervent on unemployment, homeless issues

September 29, 2003

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Seated in front of a grocery store with a cardboard sign reading "homeless" is an unlikely place to find a city council candidate, yet such is Victor Frost. An alumnus of the Palo Alto school district and long time city...