Spirit Store to fundraise for Rise Together Education

    With Spirit Week beginning on Oct. 23, many students are looking to purchase spirit wear in advance. The Paly Spirit Store, which — according to Paly senior Katie Laursen — is partnered with Rise Together Education, provides students a means of purchasing spirit gear and supporting a good cause.

    Work experience teacher to retire after 45 years

    From the outside, Meredith Gyves and Jack Phillips look as though they have been good friends for a long while. They laugh and tease each other as old friends do, while reminiscing about Palo Alto High School back in the 1960s. Although Paly is where they met, their relationship did not begin as a friendship, but rather as a student-teacher relationship. Gyves was a high school student, and Phillips was her English teacher senior year.

    New conservative club on campus aims to challenge political norms

    On Palo Alto High School's Club day, junior Yasmeen Gavande was one many students out on the quad promoting her club for this school year. Gavande’s new club, the Palo Alto Young Americans for Freedom Chapter, or YAF for short, aims to promote conservative ideas and viewpoints in a region where liberal viewpoints are commonplace. The Paly Voice sat down with Gavande to learn her reasons behind creating the club and what the club hopes to accomplish this year.

    College advice for unsure students

    A predicament high school students often find themselves in is what they want to do for a living when they grow up. Students annually stress out about what they want to major in college because it is a huge decision that heavily impacts their future job.
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