PAUSD to host virtual Job Fair for students

Arohi Bhattacharya and Emily Yun

Students will be able to seek local job opportunities at the virtual Job Fair during PRIME this Wednesday in the Small Gym.

According to Work Experience teacher Rachael Kaci, the live event for all students in the Palo Alto Unified School District will feature a range of opportunities including internships with Greg Tanaka for Congress and jobs at In-N-Out, among others, available to students 16 years old and over. Students can meet with and apply for positions with potential employers in individual Zoom breakout rooms.

The College & Career Center, which helps with college advice and opening job opportunities for students, stands with open doors in the 400s building of Palo Alto High School. Work Experience teacher Rachael Kaci said that the upcoming Virtual Job Fair on Wednesday during PRIME is a great way for students to interact with local employers. “There is a high need in our community to hire teens ASAP, so I wanted to get a job fair organized as quickly as possible,” Kaci wrote in a message to The Paly Voice. “The main vendors are coming from a few local food services, Stanford University, and the Stanford Mall vendors, and PAUSD.” (Photo: Anushe Irani)

“For this event, I have students in the work experience program and on the Career Month committee who will be hosting the breakout rooms,” Kaci stated in a message to The Paly Voice. “The goal is for them to model specific questions a student may want to ask once they enter the breakout room.” 

Kaci said most of the employers are returning businesses, with one new vendor present. 

“It should be a fun opportunity for students to meet professionals in our community while practicing their interview skills,” Kaci said. 

Despite the gradual return of in-person events at Paly, Kaci said the decision to organize this year’s job fair on a virtual platform was made for convenience and safety.

“There is a high need in our Palo Alto community to hire teens as soon as possible, so I wanted to get a job fair organized as quickly as possible,” Kaci said.

Kaci said despite previous job fairs having low-attendance, she thinks a greater portion of the student body will be incentivized to attend since the job fair is online during PRIME.

“For example, when held live on campus, students would only visit a table if there was something free — usually candy —available,” Kaci said. “I hope students log in because this is a low-stakes opportunity to meet local professionals and hiring managers, which is a great way to practice interview skills and learn about possible places hiring.”

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