Paly student leaders rally against Asian hate

Ori Gal, Multimedia Manager

Instead of people coming together to converse, eat and listen to live music, on May 2, University Ave turned to a place full of peaceful protest and political activism. Palo Alto community members came together with the 8×8 rally to share their frustration with the lack of legislation to address the rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes. The 8×8 rallies held all over the Bay Area are meant to encourage Asian-Americans to become politically active and vote. It was only just recently, May  18, 2021, that a Hate Crimes Act passed in Congress with a majority vote. The lack of Asian-American and Pacific Islander representation in government has been a pressing issue for both the greater American and Palo Alto communities. The Paly Voice interviewed two Palo Alto High School students, Mathew Signorello-Katz and Johannah Seah to discuss their involvement in the 8×8 Rally and why they chose to get involved.

“Landmark change cannot happen overnight,” Signorello-Katz said. “Through the collective actions of many individuals at this point in time … the United States at the local state and federal level can really rethink the way it deals with racism in the United States against the AAPI community.”

Watch the full video below to hear more about what Paly students have to say: