Voice of the Week: Brooke Santana

Kate Marinkovich, Author

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Junior Brooke Santana strikes a pose in the library. Photo by Lydia Barry.

Junior Brooke Santana strikes a pose in the library. Photo by Lydia Barry.

“Voice of the Week” is a weekly segment of  The Paly Voice intended to highlight a range of interesting students on campus. Each week we sit down with a new student (or student group) and talk about their lives. 

This week The Paly Voice sat down with junior Brooke Santana to talk about cars, pearl milk tea and mascara.

The Paly Voice: Brooke, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Brooke Santana: Well… my name is Brooke and I moved to Palo Alto in fourth grade from Sunnyvale.

TPV: We know you love learning about cars and their various functions. What is your dream car?

BS: Well I have multiple dream cars… probably a [BMW] M3, because then I could drift, and they’re fun to do donuts in.

TPV: What is your favorite food and why?

BS: T-pumps [which sells pearl milk tea]. I love it, it’s so good. I haven’t gone there in a while though.

TPV: What has been your favorite class at Paly so far?

BS: Sports Lit. So easy, really interesting too.

TPV: In many photos you are seen with a sombrero. What does this sombrero mean to you?

BS: That’s my function hat! It signifies that I’m not afraid to wear it. People probably judge me so hard when I wear it; I don’t care. It’s awesome.

TPV: So you could say that you don’t care what people think about you?

BS:  Yes.

TPV: Is that a motto you live by?

BS: Not necessarily.

TPV: What is a motto that you live by?

BS: I do what I want.

TPV: How do you make your eyelashes so perfect?

BS: I use two different mascaras. First I curl them then I use “They’re Real!” by Benefit then I use “Telescopic” by L’oreal.

TPV: You were recently in a car accident, tell us about that experience.

BS: Well I was driving on 101, and there had been some traffic, and I was going to T-pumps! … I had been looking over my right shoulder to change lanes and the person in front of me just stopped out of nowhere. I tried to stop, but you know, I didn’t have enough time. I totaled my car and his car.

TPV: Were you ok?

BS: No, I had a bloody nose … air bags hurt really bad.

TPV: Were your parents mad?

BS: Yes, I was grounded for like a month. I wasn’t allowed to do anything; I couldn’t leave the house.

TPV: If you could be any celebrity for the day, who would you be and why?

BS: I would be Iamsu because he’s a rapper, and I want to be a rapper when I’m older. I’m gonna be a female rapper. Plus he gets tons of Pink+Dolphin.

TPV: What’s Pink+Dolphin?

BS: It’s a clothing company. It’s like, really expensive.

TPV: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BS: There’s this rapper, her name is B-nasty, I’m probably going to be like her, because I can rap.

TPV: Rap for us right now.

BS: No, it’s way too inappropriate.

TPV: Okay. What’s one thing you want to say to the Paly community?

BS: Don’t stress, live your life, don’t get into a car accident.

TPV: Awesome. What do you think is your biggest stereotype and do you think it’s correct?

BS: Well people think I’m stupid, which is not correct. No one knows me, I may come off as stupid, but I like to consider myself street smart.

TPV: What are your plans for after high-school?

BS: I’m gonna go to U of A [University of Arizona]… I’m gonna major in business. Also, I wanna become a race car driver.

TPV: Why do you want to go into business?

BS: Because I can make a lot of money!

TPV: What’s the most interesting thing about you that most people don’t know?

BS: I love rock music, and I pretty much like all genres of music.

TPV: One last thing. What’s the best question you’ve ever gotten on ask.fm?

BS: “You’re hot,” it’s a commonly asked question [laughs].

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