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Are prom tickets more expensive?

Tickets to Palo Alto High School’s Prom are on sale now, and speculations have been made to whether prices have continued to rise each year.

"Exploratorium 14" by Tom Hilton is licensed under CC By 2.0.
“Exploratorium 14” by Tom Hilton is licensed under CC By 2.0.

The current prices are $110 with an Associated Student Body sticker and $120 without. On March 18 the ticket prices will go up to $120 with an ASB sticker and $130 without. Tickets are on sale at the Paly webstore.

There has been talk about Prom tickets being more expensive this year than in previous years, but that may not necessarily be the case, according to Student Activities Director Matt Hall.

“Five years ago at Paly the price was $130, and then it went down,” Hall said.

The last three years, however, the prices have fluctuated at both Paly and Gunn High School, but “[prom tickets] have not risen by any consistent,” Hall said.

“ASB is subsidizing Prom significantly to bring down the per-person price,” Hall said.

At a minimum, the price tag per person this year will be $150, according to Hall.

The reason for this year’s somewhat more expensive price tag is mainly due to the location chosen by ASB at the Exploratorium on Pier 15 in San Francisco, according to Hall.

“This year’s ASB officers have moved heaven and earth to put together what I think is going to be an excellent, great-value-for-the-money prom,” Hall said.

The total cost of this year’s prom is $129,000 with estimated price of bus rental around $14,000, catering and site rental at $112,000, and DJ around $3,000, according to Hall.

ASB has been working hard to make prom fun while keeping the costs manageable to everyone. To lower ticket prices, ASB has taken away some of the extra specialties of prom, according to Hall.

“There isn’t a traditional dinner but there will be plenty of food to fill everyone up,” senior class president Audrey DeBruine said. “It’s basically dinner without tables. There will be sliders, salads, snacks, and more, and unlike in the past, the caterers are in-house, so the food is being made in the Exploratorium’s kitchen.”

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