Quadchella day two features a range of student talent


Senior Damien Perez mixes a beat for the crowd for Quadchella during lunch on the Quad. This was the second of three Quadchellas this week for Spring Spirit, which allowed student performers to show off their talents to their peers. According to sophomore Aiden Son, though Spring Spirit has been fun it was somewhat undermarketed. “I completely forgot it [Spring Spirit] existed because… it’s under-advertised, but I think it’s a great event,” Son said. “I love Quadchella.”(Photo: Anna Feng)

Carissa Tsui and Anna Feng

From dance performances to pop beats, Palo Alto High School students are feeling spirited after the showcase of talent during lunch today on the Quad as a part of the Spring Spirit festivities.

The student performances are a part of Quadchella, Paly’s version of the popular annual arts and music festival, Coachella. Today’s Quadchella was the second of three lunchtime performances happening for Spring Spirit this week, which students had a chance to sign up for last week. 

Junior Iris Yin kicked off the event through a joint K-pop dance performance with Allisyn Kwon and Keira Mok followed by senior Damien Perez who DJed electric bops for the crowd.

Yin said Quadchella was a good opportunity to gain exposure.

“I thought it [performing] would be a good idea to promote our club, the Paly Intramural Dance club,” Yin said.

According to senior Wendy Li, one of the many students who watched Quadchella, the event was a great opportunity for Paly students to showcase and admire each other’s skills.

“It’s fun because you get to see the talent of students at Paly,” Li said. “It [Spring Spirit] is a great chance for a revival of spirit.”

Many students, including freshman Aila Whiteley, enjoyed seeing students come together and support their peers.

“It’s really fun,” Whiteley said. “It’s like a little concert for everybody.”

Sophomore Aiden Son echoed this sentiment, saying that both the audience and the performers are what makes the event fun.

“There’s a lot of people in the Quad [and] I love the many different people performing and singing.” Son said.

Spring Spirit will continue tomorrow with a rally on the football field and additional best-dressed activities during brunch Thursday and Friday. Students will also be able to hear a more diverse mix of music by attending Friday’s Quadchella performance.