Preview: Paly-Gunn junior movie night at JLS Friday

Nathan Jiang and Sophia Yang

Associated Student Body Junior Class President Sophia Kim speaks to The Paly Voice regarding movie night logistics. According to Kim, the biggest hurdle she encountered during the planning process was obtaining administrative approval from both schools. “We need personnel present on the site, which is a big ask for the admin who are very busy themselves,” Kim said. (Photo: Sophia Yang)

A pajama-themed movie night for Palo Alto and Henry M. Gunn high school juniors will take place 6 p.m. Friday at the Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School Cafetorium. 

Organized by the Paly Associated Student Body and Gunn Student Executive Council, the event will feature the movie “Knives Out”, a mystery and comedy whodunnit film directed by Rian Johnson. Students must bring their ID cards in order to gain entry and are encouraged to wear comfy attire and bring blankets. 

According to Paly Junior Class President Sophia Kim, the idea of a movie night was first suggested a long time ago.

“The 2024 class officers have wanted to do a movie night since freshman year, but it was always pushed back because it wasn’t in compliance with the COVID regulations,” Kim said. 

Kim said the decision to make JLS the location was because it was seen as a place of common ground between the two high schools, especially in light of the misconduct between the student bodies last semester.

“We thought that JLS would be a good middle ground because it was the middle school to get split between the two high schools,” Kim said. “Our goal was to make this event remediate ties and reforge a bond between Paly and Gunn.”

According to Gunn Junior Class President Nathan Levy, Paly and Gunn leadership students faced difficulties in trying to plan the movie night.

“Even though it’s a simple event, we didn’t have a lot to go off of for setup, scheduling, or where it could be held, so a lot of that research had to be done outside of school,” Levy said. 

Although events with both schools takes additional planning, Levy said he hopes that more joint events will happen in the future. 

“I’m sure if this goes well then there will be [events] like this happening down the line,” Levy said. “It just takes a lot of motivation and passion from both parties where there’s a lot of communication going on.”