Verbatim: Athletes, P.E. teachers reflect on Omicron’s impact on school sports


Sophomores Tyler Wong and Alaap Nair wait in line for their Covid-19 test which is on Palo Alto High School’s campus every Wednesday. With Superintendent Don Austins’s statement on the Palo Alto Online, saying he will be shocked if high school athletes make it through the season, “Of course I’m nervous about it because of how fast everything is happening,” Wong said. “Basketball has already had a game cancelled and there will be more problems we run into.”

Maia Johnsson, Senior Staff Writer

Though state COVID-19 cases cases have been slowly declining, many Palo Alto High School students are still affected by the virus, leaving many P.E. teachers and athletes nervous about COVID-19’s effects on upcoming sports. With the new mask mandate coming out on Feb. 15  removing indoor masking requirements in California, students are questioning their safety.

Photos by Maia Johnsson