Preview: Color day is right around the corner

Ria Pai, Managing Editor

Spirit Week will continue tomorrow with Color Day and two rallies: one at lunch and one during Tutorial in the Peery Center.

Each class will dress up in their designated color. Per tradition, the freshmen will be in orange, sophomores in red, juniors in yellow and seniors in green.

All grades will dress up in their own way.

“I’m so excited for tomorrow,” junior Ivory Tang said. “I have a very cool costume idea for yellow day like dressing up as a banana.” 

At the lunch rally, four participants from each grade level will compete in hamster ball races: one person will be running in the hamster ball, and the other three will stop the ball once it reaches the end of the field. Two grades will compete at a time in a total of four rounds. The grade that passes the line first is the winner.

Although this event has been absent from Spirit Week since the last night rally in 2016, the Associated Student Body decided to reinstate it due to its popularity among students, according to junior Spirit Commissioner Chloe Laursen. 

At the Tutorial rally, a new game, Hungry Hungry Hippos, will be played in the gym. In this competition, a team of two per grade level will attempt to gather the most balls with a bucket to win. 

To find the point totals for each grade and more information on Spirit Week go to the Paly Voice Spirit Week Section or the Paly ASB website.