Quadside Lands newest in Quad-themed music festivals

Ryan Wisowaty, Editor-in-Chief

The Paly Quad is quiet prior to the start of Quadside Lands. The new Quad-themed festival will build upon previous festivals and promises attendees new activities. “It’s going to be super exciting, … everyone should come out for some awesome music,” senior Javid Alasti said.

The upcoming music festival Quadside Lands will feature student musicians on the Palo Alto High School Quad Tuesday through Friday.

Similar to previous festivals organized by the Associated Student Body, including Quadglobe and Quadchella, Quadside Lands will take place during lunch and will feature student musicians and music groups such as Garage Mahal, Oscar’s Band Tribute Band, Chloe Dunnigan, iSing and Paly K-pop, according to Senior Sarthak Pant, who is a co-organizer of the event.

Pant and other organizers plan to make Quadside Lands different from previous festivals by incorporating more activities for students in the audience.

“We have more activities on the Quad such as Spike Ball, photo booths, body glitter, tattoos and a giant Twister game,” Pant said.

For some performers, Quadside Lands is an opportunity to build upon traditions that began with previous ASB-sponsored music festivals.

One band, Oscar’s Band Tribute Band, will follow in the footsteps of Oscar’s Band, a previous student music group characterized by its idiosyncratic style. Oscar’s Band was known by playing at previous events Quadchella and Quadglobe.

“Oscar’s Band was awesome, so we got to keep the tradition going,” said senior Javid Alasti, a member of Oscar’s Band Tribute Band. “Hopefully next year there will be an Oscar’s Band Tribute Band Tribute Band.”

Performers are confident that the new event will be fun and exciting for students to attend.

“My expectation is it’s going to be awesome,” Alasti said. “There’s going to be some great music and it’s going to be a ton of fun.”