Spirit Week dress up preview: Juniors

Isabella Marcus and Kasra Orumchian

Dear Juniors,

Last year, you fought a great fight, but unfortunately came up short of the upset. You faltered on the float and dance, which ultimately was the reason you came in third place. However, you killed it during the rallies. If you  are able to improve on your float and dance from last year and replicate your success at the rallies, the Class of 2018 could be a large threat to the seniors.

Monday: Theme day – Boxers

It’s time for the Class of 2018 to enter the Spirit Week ring for the third time. Following last year’s Spirit Week, this year’s juniors are expected to impress. Grab your white undershirts, robes, boxing gloves and title belts, and knock this week out. Along with this, girls can sport those boxing braids you’ve been dying to wear. Boxing gloves can be expensive, but are available on Amazon and eBay. You can also wrap your hands with athletic tape or pre-wrap as a less expensive substitute to the gloves.

Staff Writers Kasra Orumchian and Isabella Marcus wear their tropical clothing for the Junior spirit day "Thousand Island".
Staff Writers Kasra Orumchian and Isabella Marcus wear their tropical clothing for the Junior spirit day “Thousand Island”. Photo by Sherwin Amsbaugh

Tuesday: Dressing day – Thousand Island

It’s time for the juniors to run this beach one more time. Go all out with leis, coconut bras, hula skirts, bathing suits  and Tommy Bahama shirts. Amazon, Target, Goodwill, Dollar Stores and Walmart should be able to provide you with those key outfits you are looking so dearly for. This day is the perfect opportunity to bring an assortment of pool floaties to the quad. You should be able to reuse some of that lifeguard material, and must bring that hawaiian spirit.

Wednesday: Night rally – Yellow

For the night rally, this is the easiest and by far the most vibrant color to wear for a night time event. Yellow hats, class t-shirts, yellow socks and shorts and whatever yellow you can find will look great next to the green and red classes around you. Amazon should be able to provide all forms of yellow attire, and any glow sticks or neon you seek. Target, Goodwill and Walmart may also have good options for you if you need to find anything else yellow.

Thursday: Generations day – Sophisticates

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to dress for success. Ladies, grab those pencil skirts, white blouses, blazers and heels if you’re feeling daring. Gentlemen make sure to rock those suits and ties. The perfect accessories for everyone and anyone includes briefcases, a bluetooth earpiece, a coffee mug and glasses. You can borrow your suits and various sophisticate items from your parents, or can buy your own off Amazon. 

Friday: Paly – Green and White

Juniors, it’s your last time wearing your Paly gear on the last day of Spirit Week. Make it a memorable final run-through grab your Paly T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks, underwear, gloves, pants and any other Paly gear you have. Viking Helmets, and green and white face paint never disappoint, and there’s no excuse why you should disappoint either. Hit the field after school to watch the official unveiling of your float and Spirit Dance to the rest of the classes, as Spirit Week comes to a close.