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Spirit Week dress up preview: Sophomores

Dear Sophomores,

It’s time for round two. You guys left your mark on the other classes last year, as one of the best freshman classes we’ve ever seen at Paly. Although you fell to last place, expectations are high for you to perform this year.

Monday: Theme day – Firefighters

When things get L17 , it’s time for the firefighters to come and extinguish those flames. Bring your A-game and rock those firefighter hats, boots, jackets and suspenders. For a more affordable option, throw on a plain white shirt and some black bottoms paired with red suspenders and firefighter hat.

Staff Writers Kasra Orumchian and Isabella Marcus wear their flannels in preparation to "Ranch" day.
Staff Writers Kasra Orumchian and Isabella Marcus rock their flannels in to demostrate what to wear for “Ranch” day. Photo by Sherwin Amsbaugh

Tuesday: Dressing day – Ranch

Hay is for horses, but is also appropriate as a Quad decoration. Grab your flannels, cowboy hats, and ride the rodeo. Carrots may go well with ranch dressing, but on this day, put on a bandanna or any other assorted cowboy apparel. Bandannas should be rather accessible to anyone; you can borrow them from a friend, or go out and buy them from most retail stores. Almost everything for this day can be found on Amazon, Target and Walmart and should supply you with what you need.

Wednesday: Night rally – Red

It’s time for the night rally. The class of 2019 impressed at every rally last year and is expected to do the same this year. Sophomores, grab your red and take to the bleachers for the second ever night rally in Paly history. Red might be a hard color to light the night with, but we’re confident that you can do it. Try getting some red neon glow sticks and wear them as necklaces or bracelets. Amazon has a wide and reliable variety of neon material that you can get for a moderately low price.

Thursday: Generations day – Teenyboppers

Teenybopper day is commonly known as “greasers day,” so grab your bluetooth speakers and jam out to the soundtrack of “Grease”. If you want to leave a lasting impression on the other classes, earn the hand jive to show your greaser spirit. Stay golden, Ponyboy. For boys, you want to embody the greaser spirit, so slick back your hair, grab your leather jackets and show off that teenage angst. Girls, it’s time to live out your life goals of being Sandy from “Grease.” Grab a traditional poodle skirt and pair it with a “pink ladies” jacket or take the alternate approach and rock those pin-up curls, red lipstick and leather jackets.

Friday: Paly – Green and White

Sophomores, you’ve done this before, and should know how to do it again. Grab your Paly T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks, underwear, gloves, pants and any other Paly gear you have. Viking Helmets and green and white face paint never disappoint, so there’s no excuse why you should disappoint either. Hit the field after school to watch the official unveiling of the floats and Spirit Dances to the rest of the classes as Spirit Week comes to a close.

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