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Spirit Week dress up preview: Freshmen

Dear Freshmen,

Welcome to the big leagues! Spirit and dress-up days from your past have prepared you for this week, and have probably failed you. You might have seen that one kid going all out on “color day” and stared at him like he was from another planet. If you do not dress up for Spirit Week here at Paly, you will be stared at like that one kid who went all out for “color day.” As upperclassmen, we don’t want you to be stared at like that. So please, please, dress up and go ALL out. You will not look “weird,” and you will enjoy the best week of the year here at Paly.

Monday: Theme day – Eye Of the Tiger

To dress for Eye of the Tiger, unleash your inner animal. Animal print, face paint and any other jungle related items will be very beneficial to your success in dressing up for your class theme day. Take a trip to any arts and crafts store to find face paint and be that tiger you’ve aspired to be since the 1st grade. Play to the strength of your class color by painting on orange stripes, or coloring your whole face orange. If you don’t already have animal print, hit up your local Goodwill, Target or Walmart, to find the gear that will help you rule the jungle.

Staff Writers Kasra Orumchian and Isabella Marcus wear their favorite sports gear for the freshman spirit day "Healthy Choice". Photo by Sherwin Amsbaugh
Staff Writers Kasra Orumchian and Isabella Marcus wear their favorite sports gear for the freshman spirit day “Healthy Choice.” Photo by Sherwin Amsbaugh

Tuesday: Dressing day – Healthy Choice

Health is no joke, and we hope you take it as serious as we do. Grab your various sports gear, eye black, and take to the field. Sport those Stephen Curry jerseys, your San Francisco Giants baseball hats, your compression shorts and whatever else sports related apparel you can find. If you can’t find any then go to or any local Sports retailer and pick some up. For those who like to think outside the box and take an alternate approach to “healthy choice,” the possibilities are endless. Dress up as your favorite fruit or vegetable and claim that “best dressed” prize. It’s a pretty simple day to dress up for, so don’t disappoint your Paly peers.

Wednesday: Night rally – Orange

Once again, go to Walmart, Target, and Goodwill, and grab whatever orange you can find. This year, you will wear your class color at the highly anticipated night rally, which is one of the best Spirit Week events we have at Paly. It’s something you don’t want to miss, and (trust us) you want to be as bright as you can with your orange in those bleachers come Oct. 19. There is no school that day so spend all afternoon preparing. Dye your hair, get all-orange everything and make a statement at the night rally.

Thursday: Generation Day – Babies

Just when you guys thought you were at the top of the food chain as eighth graders in middle school, you’re back on the bottom. Generation Day is where you want to prove your worth to your new Paly community, and you should be able to do so with your onesies and pacifiers. As babies, you guys have youth, opportunity and cuteness on your side, use it.  Impress the other classes on the quad, at brunch and in the bleachers at lunch that Thursday to show that small doesn’t always equal weak.

Friday: Paly – Green and White

Freshmen, this is by far the easiest day for you to dress up for, so make sure to grab your Paly T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks, underwear, gloves, pants and any other Paly gear you have. Viking helmets, and green and white face paint never disappoint, and there’s no excuse why you should disappoint either. Hit the field right after school to watch the official unveiling of your float and spirit dance to the rest of the classes, as Spirit Week comes to a close.

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