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Annual Team Math competition to be held Tuesday

The Annual Team Math competition, run by Palo Alto High School’s Math Club, will be held this Tuesday from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the math building.

Students will compete in teams of three to solve math problems and are encouraged to find group members that are in a range of different math classes.

“We want teams to match up people from a diverse range of math classes in order to give everyone an opportunity to compete, so we designed a point system based on the highest math class a participant has taken,” said junior Jerry Hong, co-president of the Math Club.

According to Hong, groups must have between 8-10 points in order to compete, with the point distribution working as follows:


According to Hong, the ATM competition features three rounds: an individual competition, a team round, and a “guts” round, where the teams solve problem sets and get graded in real time.

According to senior Lilia Tang, co-president of the Paly Math Club, the club added new features to the competition this year.

“[The math club] had a lot of fun writing the contest this year,” Tang said. “We even added a new round called ‘guts,’ where participants can see their results updated live, and part of it includes estimation questions where you get partial credit depending on how close you get to the answer.”

Participating students will get free pizza and receive extra credit from their math teachers. The three highest scoring teams will win Amazon gift cards ranging from $10 to $25 per individual.

Senior Kelsey Wang, vice-president of the Math Club, says she believes that students can gain a lot from the experience of competing in the competition.

“I think the ATM is a great way for students of all levels of math to come together in teams and work on interesting problems together,” Wang said. “It is a unique contest that many people can enjoy because it allows participants to collaborate on math problems together, which isn’t often seen in other contests and many math classes. I think there’s something for everyone to contribute to their team and learn from the contest.”

Students interested in signing up with a group can sign up here, and for those who want to participate but don’t have a group, and would like to be matched with one, can sign up here. Students have until the end of the day on May 1 to sign up and/or change their team’s information by replying to the confirmation email.

For more information about the event, students can visit the Facebook event, or email the Math Club.

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