The Paly Voice

Recap: Seniors take victory in relay

Sam Lee and Chirag Akella

October 21, 2015

The seniors continued their streak of success at the lunch rally today, Day Three of Palo Alto High School's Spirit Week, by winning first place over the juniors in the relay race. The theme of the day was “Color Day,” in which the seniors w...

Recap: Seniors rebound after slow start

Nika Woodfill and Dhara Yu

October 20, 2015

After a strong performance during the lunch rally and a victory in tug-of-war today, the second day of Palo Alto High School's Spirit Week, the senior class is poised to jump ahead in the standings. As part of "Salad Dressing...

Preview: Spirit Week to add new tradition and celebrate Color Day

Mary McNamara, Author

October 20, 2015

Palo Alto High School students will be dressing all-out in their class colors tomorrow as well as heading out to the new night rally for Day Three of Spirit Week: Color Day. The freshmen will be wearing orange, sophomores ...

Preview: Spirit Week to continue with Salad Dressing Day

Daniel Li, Author

October 19, 2015

Palo Alto High School students will dress tomorrow to match their respective “Salad Dressing” theme for Day Two of Spirit Week. The freshmen will be “Healthy Choice,” sophomores will be “Ranch," juniors will be ...

Preview: Spirit Week to commence with “Theme Day”

Aidan Maese-Czeropski, Author

October 18, 2015

  Palo Alto High School students will kick off Spirit Week with creative costumes and chants during "Theme Day" tomorrow. On “Theme Day,” students wear costumes and clothing relating to their classes’ theme. The freshm...

ASB breaks tradition with new Homecoming plans

Daniel Li, Author

October 15, 2015

Throughout Palo Alto High School's history, traditions have been broken and created. After the demolition of the small gym last month, Paly's formal homecoming dance will break tradition this year and take place off-campus ...