The Paly Voice

Rafael Solari: A Team Player

February 27, 2003

The loose puck is retrieved from behind the net, a defender shoots it to the center, it is received by sophomore Rafael Solari, he blades down the street, dodging defenders left and right, he shoots, and scores! This winning goal...

Danny Snyder: Rising tennis star

February 25, 2002

Standing under the hot sun, Danny Snyder awaits the service of the ball from his opponent. With eyes locked on his competitor’s movements, he turns the handle of his tennis racket and shifts side to side before returning the...

Despite numerous injuries, Balamane excels in football

December 31, 2001

You find yourself sprawled on the field after successfully tackling the opposing team’s quarterback. About to get up and resume the game, you freeze when you hear a crack and a pain shoots through your arm. Your left hand has...