ASB releases election packets

Dhara Yu, Author

Election packets for students interested in running for an elected Palo Alto High School Associated Student Body position are available in front of the Student Activities Office and on Paly ASB’s website.

According to Student Activities Director Matt Hall, there have been some minor changes in the application packets and in the required duties of elected officers.

“The campaign budget [for individual candidates] changed from $40 to $20, so we have more equity,” Hall said. “We encourage students to use the Student Activities Office’s materials for making posters and other campaign materials.”

ASB election packets can be found in front of the SAO, and must be submitted by Wednesday, March 11. Photo by Dhara Yu.
ASB election packets can be found in front of the SAO and must be submitted by March 11. Photo by Dhara Yu.

In past years, candidates have spent money on poster materials and food to distribute to voters. They will be expected to fill out a financial disclosure form so that ASB can ensure that they do not spend more than the allotted $20.

In addition to the budget cut, ASB elected officers will now be required to attend Camp Unity (formerly known as “Camp Everytown”), an annual four-day Paly program intended to promote awareness and acceptance among students.

“We want officers to be connected with the student body and have the opportunity to hear everyone’s stories,” Hall said.

Beyond that, all facets of the ASB election process will remain the same as previous years.

Applications for candidates will be due on March 11, and the elections will take place online from March 25 to March 27.