ASB “Suggestion Box” gives students opportunity to express ideas

Adele Bloch, Author

As of this week, students can more effectively reach out to the Associated Student Body with the new “Suggestion Boxes” that are placed in front of the library and the Student Activities Office. Each box was created to make it easier for students to express their opinions and ideas on what ASB is doing or should do, according to ASB President Claire Liu. “Prioritizing student opinion and voice has been a goal of ASB’s since day one,” Liu said. Photo by Adele Bloch.

The Associated Student Body is extending its outreach by creating physical and online “Suggestion Boxes” that provide Palo Alto High School students outlets to voice their concerns and feedback to ASB this year.

In previous years, the sole Suggestion Box was placed in front of the library and received little attention from students, according to senior and ASB President Claire Liu. However, this year ASB hopes to incorporate the Suggestion Box into students’ daily lives by creating an online Suggestion Box, which is being advertised through InFocus and social media.

“ASB is excited and totally on board [to reintroduce the box] and we’re waiting to see what we get in our boxes and how we can work more effectively with the student body,” Liu said.

Senior Fabian Garduño is looking forward to the potential improvements that the Suggestion Box will bring.

“If they [ASB members] actually pay attention to it and put it into consideration … I think it will be beneficial to the school,” Garduño said.

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