Voices of the Week: Cole and Zoe Tierney

Chloe Fishman, Author

Siblings Cole and Zoe Tierney goof off on the senior deck after school. The two are considered a dynamic duo by many on campus. Photo by Chloe Fishman.

This week, The Paly Voice sat down with two Palo Alto High School siblings, junior Cole Tierney and senior Zoe Tierney, to discuss their best adventures, favorite things about each other and their most disgusting habits (according to each other).

The Paly Voice: What is your favorite thing about your sibling?

Cole Tierney: There are so many things.

Zoe Tierney: His bed. It’s a very comfortable bed. But not in a weird way – in a purely comfortable way.

CT: Oh god.

PV: Okay, Cole. What about Zoe?

CT: She has a license. I really like that about her.

PV: What’s the craziest thing you guys have done together?

ZT: One time, Cole and I were at this Harvard camp, and we pretended that we were twins from Britain. But then we met two actual twins from Britain.

CT: That was really awkward.

ZT: And they asked us what school we went to. We said The School of… Britain. And they said, “Oh, that one!”

PV: What is it like attending the same school?

ZT: It’s nice. He brings me food a lot.

CT: I get to sit on the Senior Deck sometimes.

ZT: Twice.

PV: What is one thing your sibling does that grosses you out?

CT: Zoe does this thing where she throws up in her mouth sometimes.

ZT: What! Cole used to dip his cantaloupe in ketchup. That was pretty nasty.

PV: Which of the two of you would you consider more popular?

CT: Zoe.

ZT: Me.

PV: What’s your favorite story about each other?

ZT: One time, we were on a plane ride to Africa. I was really, really bored, because it’s a 16-hour flight. I was chewing gum, and I wondered if I put gum in his hair if it would stick. So I took it out of my mouth and put it in Cole’s hair. Then I tried to get it out, but it wouldn’t come out. I was like “…shoot,” so then I just sat there. Eventually he woke up, and I was like, “Oh my god! There’s gum in your hair! How did that get there? That’s so gross.”

CT: She tried to play it off like she didn’t do it. I was like, “You obviously did this….”

ZT: My mom was like, “Cole, how did you get gum in your hair?” and I was like, “Wow! Gross! That’s weird!” So then we had to cut it out of Cole’s hair. And that was when he had really long hair, so Cole had a huge patch with no hair. Let me tell you, gum sticks in your hair.

PV: When did you find out it was Zoe?

ZT: Right now.

PV: What’s your favorite story about Zoe?

CT: One time, I was super frustrated at Zoe, and I was really young, so I did not have great anger management. I had a pencil in my hand, and she was really pissing me off. So I took the sharp end, and I just shoved it up her nose. I don’t know how she didn’t dodge it or anything. I just stabbed it up there, and I didn’t even know what to do. She didn’t even react that much.

ZT: One time, I got a new belt for Christmas, and I ran around the house with Cole yelling, “I’m gonna spank you!”

PV: Do you guys consider yourselves close?

ZT: No.

CT: Yeah.

ZT: Squad!

PV: What are you going to do when Zoe leaves for college?

CT: Cry.

ZT: Aw!

PV: Any final words for the Paly community?

ZT: 42 Wallabee Way, Sydney.

CT: Shoutout to the Class of 2015! One for the books.

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