Spirit Week to continue with “Salad Dressing” Day

Julia Asin, Author

Palo Alto High School students will dress up according to their class’s respective salad-dressing theme for Day Two of Spirit Week.

The themes for tomorrow are as follows in ascending grade order: “Healthy Choice,” “Ranch,” “Thousand Islands” and “Caesar.” For dress-up ideas, click here.

The event for the rally at the football field tomorrow is Tug of War. Five boys and five girls from each class will battle for dominance over the others. Two students from each class will also compete for best dressed. Each class will be awarded points based on quality of cheers and deducted points based on sportsmanship and cleanliness.

Junior Portia Barrientos says she is excited for dressing up tomorrow and feels confident that her class will win at the rally.

“I have a grass skirt and a bunch of leis,” Barrientos said. “And, obviously, a Hawaiian shirt and some flowers for my hair.”

Senior Claire Priestley says she will don a toga and gladiator-style sandals for tomorrow as she watches her class participate in the Tug of War competition.

“Hopefully we [the seniors] will be better than today,” Priestley said. “But I’m pretty sure we’re doing Tug of War, and the other grades seem to have stronger people in general, so it’s a bit concerning.”

Sophomores Ahana Ganguly and Jeanette Andrews said they are going to wear flannels and cowboy boots for their “Ranch” theme.

“[The sophomores will] probably [do] pretty well,” Ganguly said. “It’s not that hard to dress up for. I think we’ll finish well, but we won’t win.”

For a recap of today’s lunch rally, click here. The Associated Student Body’s master doc is also available for info on the week’s schedule and detailed rules for each of the activities. Be sure to check back to The Paly Voice for scores from today’s rally and all other things Spirit Week related.