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Preview: Timeless fun for Generations Day

More than halfway through Spirit Week, Palo Alto High School students are preparing for “Generations Day.”

For Day Four of Spirit Week, students will dress up as babies, teeny boppers, sophisticates and senior citizens, in ascending class order.

Julia Kwasnick and Noam Shemtov, Class of 2014, competed in the best dressed contest for Generations Day. Photo by Liana Pickrell.
Julia Kwasnick and Noam Shemtov, Class of 2014, compete in the best dressed contest for “Generations Day” last year. Photo by Liana Pickrell.

The two rallies of the day will be held during lunch on the football field and during Advisory in the Big Gym. The lunch rally will include two new games this year: “Mannequin Painting” and “Rapid Fire,” according to the Associated Student Body’s Spirit Week master doc.

For “Mannequin Painting,” four students from each grade must completely paint a white mannequin in their respective class color within three minutes with paintbrushes only. The scores for “Mannequin Painting” will be announced after the rally to give judges time to inspect the mannequins, and first place will receive 300 points.

“Rapid Fire” involves two students from each grade knocking over 10 cans from a distance using rubber bands. The winners of this activity will earn 100 points.

In accordance with recent years, there will be a multi-round 3-point contest in the gym during Advisory, with one girl and one boy from each class competing. The shooter has to make as many 3-pointers as possible within a minute, and the winners from both genders will each earn 100 points for their grade.

Freshman Adee Newman believes that the 3-point contest will fare better than rally activities so far for her class.

“In the 3-point contest, we’re going to do pretty well because we have some really good basketball players, but tomorrow at the rally at lunch, I don’t think we’re going to do as well,” Newman said. “We haven’t had that much success [so far], which isn’t that good, but at least we tried – that’s the thing that matters.”

Additionally, Newman is excited for the baby-themed apparel.

“I’m looking forward for tomorrow for dressing up as a baby and being really comfortable,” Newman said.

Junior Bryn Sullivan said she has her sophisticates outfit planned out for Generations Day.

“We’re sophisticates, so [I’m wearing a] black skirt, a blazer, a blue shirt, a leather handbag and a coffee mug,” Sullivan said.

With the juniors maintaining the lead, the seniors hope to improve throughout the rest of the week.

“I think [because of] the Spirit Dance, float building and our improvement in cheers, the seniors will take the lead,” senior Cary Faulkner said.

Make sure to keep up with all things Spirit Week, including slideshows and point break-downs, by checking back with The Paly Voice.

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