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Freshman Spirit Week outfits

Freshmen, welcome to Paly Spirit Week, where we go all-out and dress like crazy. You are no longer in middle school, so you should never have the feeling that you are too dressed up or that people will stare – the more original and crazy, the better. Here are a few “tips” to prepare yourself for the upcoming week.

Staff writers Claire Krugler [left] and Adele Bloch [right] dress as babies for freshmen generation day on Spirit Week’s Thursday. Photo by Molly Fogarty.

[Monday] Theme day – “The Lion King:” As Katy Perry once said, “And you’re gonna hear me roar. Louder, louder than a lion.” Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner animal for this day. For a little inspiration, feel free to reenact the beginning scene of “The Lion King” by raising the smallest person you can find to the sun and yelling, “It’s the circle of life.” Although you may get weird looks from your friends, be sure to have confidence like the lion that you’ll be dressed as. If you are struggling with dressing up as a character from “The Lion King,” you can extend the theme to all Disney characters. However, it’s recommended that freshmen dress up as Lion King-specific characters. You can wear all pink to represent a flamingo, or black and white to represent a zebra. If you’re freaking out about not knowing what to wear, just remember “Hakuna Matata.”

[Tuesday] Dressing day Healthy Choice: Healthy choice day is a day to dress up like the athlete you were never successful in becoming. Biking, running, lacrosse, golf or football – it’s time to pick whichever sport you please. Try to stick with one sport throughout the whole outfit, because we really don’t want to see a biker’s helmet with a jersey and a swimsuit bottom. If you’re going for the runner’s look, please keep in mind that if you wouldn’t wear it on your run, don’t wear it. People don’t want to see your pasty thighs in the athletic shorts you’d never wear. And would you really exercise with your hair down? We think not. To complete the look, bring a water bottle of choice – even better, have it be orange, your class color.

[Wednesday] Color day – Orange: Orange you glad you’re a freshman? Head on over to Target or Spirit and buy a variety of orange items: tights, shorts, shirts (or wear your class shirt if you bought one), tutus, boas, sunglasses and socks. You can even buy one of those 69-cent mini pumpkins from Trader Joe’s to place on your orange spray-painted head. Just remember to go all-out and find everything you can that’s orange. Color day’s an easy day, no matter the color.

[Thursday] Generation day – Babies: Cherish this day, because it is by far one of the comfiest days you will experience all year. If you’re feeling stumped on outfit choices, we recommend looking back on all your #tbt pics on Instagram for some inspiration. Our tips: wear a onesie. Don’t limit yourself to the typical, patternless onesies; look around and find unique, flashy or character-oriented onesies. To accompany your outfit, you can wear a saggy diaper with a bonnet. A binky, pacifier or bottle of milk is a nice addition to all baby days as well. Feel free to bring your favorite stuffed animal to school, and please don’t act like you don’t have any more stuffed animals, because we all secretly snuggle with one at night.

[Friday] Paly – Green and White: Wear absolutely all the Paly gear that you can find stashed somewhere in your closet. If you can’t seem to find much, look for any green and white clothing located around the house. We want to see green and white hair with green and white faces on the last day of the best week. Enjoy Spirit Week, no matter the outcome, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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