Liveblog: Girls’ soccer takes on Alisal in CCS quarterfinals

Julia Asin, Author

The Palo Alto High School girls’ soccer team will kick off against Alisal High School at 10 a.m. today at Valley Christian High School. Keep checking back here for a live-blog of the game.

10:01 Game is about to start, and it is lightly drizzling with heavy wind.
10:05 Alisal kicks off.
10:06 Megan Tall takes a shot, up and over.
10:08 Aoi Sugihara passes through ball to Heidi Moeser, goalie gets it.
10:09 Olivia Musil clears an almost shot by Alisal.
10:14 Keeper Dhara Yu has her first touch, collecting an offensive move by Alisal as Jacey Pederson protects.
10:16 Katie Foug, Allison Lu, and Katie Foug pass around attempt to put ball in, keeper collects.
10:17 Yellow card on Pederson, she is subbed out, free kick.
10:19 Foug takes a shot, blocked by Alisal and collected by keeper.
10:20 Moeser fouled, free kick.
10:22 Pederson, back in, takes and misses a shot.
10:23 Paly gets corner, Aoi Sugihara takes it. Ball cleared.
10:25 Alisal handball near goal, Sugihara takes, Kwasnick takes shot five feet from goal, goes over for field goal after it deflects off of Alisal. Still 0-0.
10:27 Talia Malchin fouled near Paly goal.
10:31 Malchin passes to Lu, passes to Sunny Lyu, shot blocked by keeper.

10:33 Pederson shoved over, full arm, play over.
10:33 Tall shoots 10 ft away, goalie catches.
10:36 Pederson breaks away, passes to Lyu, shot misses wide.
10:40 Alisal player down, 5 minutes left score is still 0-0.
10:41 Pederson fouled near goal, Lena Chang takes, cleared.
10:46 Alisal is down after collision with Foug, in goal box.
10:48 Half time is called, Paly has dominated in shots, possessions, good touches, and good control. Has not dominated in goals, score is 0-0.
11:00 Paly kicks off to start the second half.
11:01 Alisal nearly gets open goal multiple times, cleared, and then Yu saves.
11:02 Pederson breakaway, crosses to Tall, heads over goal.
11:03 Tall takes another shot, misses wide.
11:06 Alisal takes shot, deflects off goal post out of bounds.
11:10 Foug gets one on one, shoots, deflected, misses wide by 3 ft.
11:11 Sugihara misses by a foot.
11:15 Lyu shoots right to goalie in center of goal.
11:19 Lu takes pass from Pederson, crosses right in front of goal, no shot.
11:23 Pederson fouls Alisal on box. Barely not a PK. They score in corner. Score is now 1-0 with 15 mins left.
11:30 Foug scores off of rebound on goalie. Score is 1-1 with 8 minutes left.
11:35 Alisal player down, Lu tries to take a shot.
11:37 Player still down, players going off field to talk, get water.
11:40 Alisal corner kick, going into extra time. Doesn’t go in play, goal kick.
11:45 End of regulation, score is 1-1, after 5 minute break, there will be two ten minute overtime halves.
11:48 Rain stopped just before game started, but wind is very strong, Paly had disadvantage during last half.

11:53 Paly kicks off.
11:54 Lyu takes shot from 15 ft away, just misses wide.
11:55 Pederson breaks away, shoots, misses above by a foot.
11:58 Foul On Lyu, near goal, Pederson kicks, misses over.
12:03 First OT period over, still 1-1. Teams switch sides.

12:05 Alisal kicks off.
12:08 Lena Chang down on Alisal’s half.
12:11 Pederson fouled, Sugihara kicks, Alisal heads out.
12:15 Kelly Branson subbed in for Yu just before PKs.
12:18 Overtime is over, it’s time for penalty kicks.

12:22 Players taking first set of PKs are Musil, Sugihara, Lyu, Pederson, Natalie Maloney. Kelly Branson is goalie.
12:24 Lyu scores.
12:25 Alisal misses off cross bar.
12:26 Pederson scores.
12:27 Alisal scores.
12:27 Sugihara scores.
12:27 Alisal misses wide.
12:28 Maloney scores, Paly wins 2-1!
12:29 Paly will play either Los Gatos or Alvarez on Wednesday for the Semifinals.