Speakers coming for Career Month

Kate Marinkovich and Chloe Fishman

Palo Alto High School’s annual Career Month begins tomorrow, where twenty new speakers will address the Paly community each school day until March 14.

The Stanford solar car team will kick off the event this tomorrow, by showcasing its car and answering questions at lunch on the Quad. The event will continue next week with two speakers per lunch period, one in the English Resource Center and one in the Social Studies Resource Center. For a full schedule click here.

Christina Owen, Paly community service and career advisor, has led the planning for this event since September.

“When you’re in high school, especially this generation and this community, there’s a lot of pressure to know your one way to find a satisfying career,” Owen said.

The purpose of the event, according to Owen, is for students to realize that they do not have to have a concrete plan for their future, and that most change their minds and careers over time.

“We only invite people who are in a stage of their career where they are satisfied,” Owen said. “Last year there was a speaker who was just out of graduate school and was so happy with his career and other speakers don’t get there until they’re 60.”

This year is very different from past years, according to Owen, as it is more catered to the interests of Paly students. Data was collected from student surveys to find Paly students’ top-20 career fields of interest. This data was then used to find the speakers for the event.

Senior Karina Dutra is excited for the event, after her positive experience last year.

“[Last year] a lot of people came from start-up businesses, so that was really interesting to learn how to start your own [business],” Dutra said.

Owen expects a big audience at each presentation.

“You get perspective by going to these [presentations],” Owen said. “Students will gain inspiration, and know that everything will be okay if you just work hard.”

The presentations will be videotaped and shared on the Paly Career Month website.