Pops Concert to be held tomorrow, Wednesday

Chloe Fishman, Author

The Palo Alto High School Choir program will perform a selection of songs at 7 p.m. tomorrow and Wednesday in the Haymarket Theater for its annual Choir Pops concert. Once a year, the Paly choirs perform contemporary music, unlike their other concerts, which feature mostly classical pieces.

The concert is “Old School” themed and will feature songs released up until the early 21st century. According to senior Julia Hong, the various choirs will feature songs from a wide variety of popular artists, including the Spice Girls and James Brown.

Choir directors Michael Najar and Monica Covitt chose the songs for the Beginning Choir, the Concert Choir, the Madrigal Singers and Spectrum Singers, Hong said.

Hong, a member of the student group “Vikapella,” explained that the a capella groups and soloists get to pick their own songs to perform.

Junior Daryl Dillahunty, a member of the concert choir and a featured soloist, said that the choirs have been “preparing for [the concert] since before Winter Break.”

The Pops Concert traditionally attracts a large audience.

“I think more people will attend [the Pops Concert] than our other concerts,” Hong said. “People tend to like pop music more than classical music or opera.”

Dillahunty agreed with Hong.

“I think a lot of people are going to come because it’s a lot more fun,” Dillahunty said.  “You can kind of jam out, because you know the songs … and you can relate to the music.”

Both Hong and Dillahunty are excited for the concert.

“I’m super pumped, because you get to see everyone really shine,” Hong said. “You get to hear people sing who you’ve never heard before.”

“It’s not something you’d hear at a traditional choir concert,” Dillahunty said. “We get to be more expressive and show our talent, and it’s really fun seeing everyone perform.”

Tickets prices:

General Admission — $10

Students — $5

Children under twelve years old — free

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