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Football liveblog: Vikings take on Leland in CCS playoffs

UPDATE: The Palo Alto High School Vikings (6-5, 4-3) defeated the Leland High School Chargers (7-4, 5-2) 54-24 yesterday night. The Vikings will go on to play in the CCS semifinals against St. Francis at 7 p.m. Nov. 29 in the Lancers’ stadium.

The Palo Alto High School Vikings (5-5, 4-3) will face the Leland High School Chargers (7-3, 5-2) in the quarterfinals of the CIF Central Coast Section playoffs at 7 p.m. tonight at Leland ‘s Tillman Stadium.

Check back at 7 p.m. for liveblog updates.

9:23 pm —

Victory for the Paly Vikings! Final score: 54-24. The Vikings will move on to the CCS Semifinals against St. Francis.

9:22 pm —

Flag down. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Vikings.

9:21 pm —

One minute left.

9:20 pm —

Personal foul on the Vikings.

9:18 pm —

One point conversion is good. Vikings lead 54-24. 3:55 left in the fourth quarter.

9:17 pm —

Leland touchdown. Score is 54-23 with the Vikings in the lead.

9:16 pm —

Chargers pass completed at the 4 yard line.

9:15 pm —

Justin Rittman with the tackle at the 47 yard line. 5:35 left on the clock.

9:14 pm —

First and ten for the Chargers at the 27 yard line.

9:13 pm —

Marcus Brown advances the ball to the 25 yard line. QB Oliver Svirsky is substituted in.

9:12 pm —

Second and ten at the 33 yard line for Paly. 8:30 left on the clock.

9:09 pm —

First and ten for the Vikings. Ball on the 40 yard line.

9:08 pm —

Start of the fourth quarter.

9:06 pm —

End of the third quarter. Paly is still up 54-17.

9:05 pm —

Chargers’ pass is incomplete. Third and five at the 33 yard line.

9:02 pm —

McCalister with the tackle. Second and ten at the 43 yard line.

9:01 pm —

Flag down. Five yard penalty awarded. First and five at the 37 yard line for the Chargers.

9:00 pm —

Jon Martinez for the tackle with 1:57 on the clock. First and ten at the 32 yard line.

8:58 pm —

Vikings touchdown, making them up 54-17. No point conversion.

8:57 pm —

Chryst pass complete to get to the 26 yard line.

8:56 pm —

Vikings first and ten.

8:54 pm —

Leland completes their first down at the 44 yard line.

8:52 pm —

First and ten for the Chargers at the 43 yard line.

8:50 pm —

Touchdown by Davis. Vikings up 48-17 with 5:49 left on the clock.

8:49 pm —

Frick with the reception. Vikings one and nine at the 9 yard line. Second and six at the 6 yard line.

8:48 pm —

Chryst pass to Johnson, completing their first down.

8:47 pm —

Chryst’s pass incomplete. Vikings on their fourth down.

8:46 pm —

Vikings with their third down at the 40 yard line.

8:45 pm —

Second and nine for the Vikings at the 43 yard line.

8:43 pm —

Davis on the run. Second and seven at the 45 yard line.

8:40 pm —

Second half starts with the Vikings receiving.

8:20 pm —

Half time! Vikings up 42-17.

8:19 pm —

Chargers with attempted touchdown with fewer than 2 seconds on the clock. Defensive penalty.

8:17 pm —

Time out Chargers with 7.8 seconds left.

8:17 pm —

Chargers rush for their first down with 24.1 seconds left on the clock.

8:14 pm —

First and ten for the Chargers at the 30 yard line with 40.3 seconds to go.

8:13 pm —

Fogarty with the extra point. Vikings up 42-17.

8:12 pm —

Davis with the touchdown with 42.1 seconds to go. Vikings up 41-17.

8:12 pm —

Paly’s second and two with 47 seconds left on the clock.

8:07 pm —

Leland punt out of bounds at the 39 yard line with 2:19 left on the clock.

8:06 pm —

Chargers pass incomplete. Fourth down with 24 yards to go at the 34 yard line.

8:03 pm —

Leland pass incomplete.

8:02 pm —

Chargers with the first and ten. Tackle on the 48 yard line..

8:00 pm —

Johnson with the touchdown on the return. Fogarty misses the extra point. Vikings up 35-17.

7:58 pm —

Second time out for Palo Alto with 3:25 left on the clock.

7:57 pm —

Time out called by Palo Alto.

7:56 pm —

Out of bounds on the return. McCalister with the tackle. First and ten for the Chargers on the 22 yard line.

7:54 pm —

Chryst with the run for the extra two point conversion.  Paly up 29-17. 

7:54 pm —

Chryst to Davis for the touchdown. Vikings up 27-17.

7:53 pm —

Davis on the rush to the 41 yard line. Second and ten for the Vikings.

7:51 pm —

Chryst pass complete down the sideline to Johnson at the 37 yard line.

7:49 pm —

Kick out of bounds at the 29 yard line. First and down for the Vikings.

7:48 pm —

Leland pass incomplete. Penalty called: holding on the Chargers.

7:46 pm —

Leland with their first down.

7:45 pm —

First and 10 for the Chargers on the 20 yard line. 8:32 left on the clock.

7:43 pm —

Frick for the extra point.  The kick is good, making Paly up 21-17.

7:42 pm —

Johnson with a touchdown. Paly with the lead 20-17.

7:41 pm —

Davis runs the ball to the 40 yard line.

7:40 pm —

Johnson with the return to the 32 yard line.

7:39 pm —

Two extra points for Leland with a run and pass. Chargers up 17-14.

7:38 pm —

Leland with their second time out.

7:37 pm —

Chargers return and run 95 yards for a touchdown. Leland up 15-14.

7:36 pm —

Extra point by Matthew Fogarty is good. Vikings with the lead 14-9.

7:35 pm —

Davis with the touchdown. Vikings are up 13-9.

7:34 pm —

Chryst advances for the first down.

7:32 pm —

Time out for Leland.

7:30 pm —

Start of the second quarter. Vikings with their first down.

7:28 pm —

End of the first quarter. Chargers in the lead 9-7.

7:27 pm —

Keller Chryst tackled. 10 seconds left on the clock.

7:27 pm —

Davis with the run. First down completed at the 40 yard line.

7:26 pm —

Incomplete pass to Malcolm Davis.

7:25 pm —

Paly returns to the 19 yard line.

7:24 pm —

Chargers with a field goal. Paly is down 9-7.

7:22 pm —

Chargers 4 yards away from a touchdown.

7:21 pm —

Leland with the first down.

7:20 pm —

Penalty marker down on the play.

7:19 pm —

McCalister with another tackle. Second with 9 yards away from the first down.

7:18 pm —

Tully McCalister tackle for the Vikings.

7:17 pm —

Andrew Frick tackle for the Vikings.  First down for Leland at the 39 yard line.

7:16 pm —

Chargers run to the 26 yard line.  Tackle by Shaun Pike.

7:15 pm —

Extra point is good. Paly up 7-6.

7:14 pm —

Touchdown by Keesean Johnson.  The score is 6-6.

7:12 pm —

45 yard run for Paly.

7:11 pm —

Extra point no good.

7:11 pm —

14 yard pass for a touchdown for Leland.  6-0 Chargers.

7:10 pm —

Incomplete pass by the Chargers.  Third and ten from the 14 yard line.

7:09 pm —

Leland QB runs out of bounds at the 14 yard line.  First and down.

7:08 pm —

Pass interference on the Vikings on the 33 yard line.

7:06 pm —

First down for the Chargers.

7:03 pm —

Kick off!

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