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Preview: Off to the races with Day 3 of Spirit Week

After an eventful second day of Spirit Week at Palo Alto High School, each grade is looking to keep up the enthusiasm for tomorrow’s “Colors” themed day.

For Day 3 of Spirit Week, each class will dress up in its respective class color; freshmen will wear orange, sophomores will wear red, juniors will wear yellow and seniors will wear green.

There will be two rallies tomorrow. The first will feature the new “Carrying Capacity” activity on the Quad during Brunch. The freshmen and senior classes will team up while the sophomores and juniors will work together, and each team will have two minutes to gather as many students as possible into their designated areas. The first place classes will earn 100 points each and the remaining two classes will both win 75 points.

Many students approve of the new activity, which provides more opportunities for participation in Spirit Week.

“I think it’s great that there is now an activity that gets more people involved,” sophomore Siddharth Srinivasan said. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

In addition, students believe the activity will promote cooperation among the classes.

“It’s a great idea for us juniors to team up with the sophomores,” junior Rudra Aiyar said. “By doing so, we are showing that despite the wars between grades, we are one big family in the big picture.”

The second rally will be held on the football field at Lunch and will include a relay race. The first grade to finish the race will earn 300 points, second place will get 260 points, third place will win 220 points and the last to finish will earn 180 points.

Once again, there will be float building after school from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Autoshop. Once the clean-up at float building has ended, point totals for the day will be posted on The Paly Voice and the Associated Student Body site.

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