Brief: Junior Parent Night this Wednesday

Fariha Beig, Author

The annual Junior Parent Night will be held for Palo Alto High School parents at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 10, in the Haymarket Theater.

Junior Parent Night is for “parents of juniors to learn more about what to expect during the year,” Teacher Advisor Co-coordinator Ann Deggelman said.

Staff members from Guidance, College and Career Center and Adolescent Counseling Services will speak about information ranging from graduation requirements, four year college eligibility requirements, college testing, college applications and how the 16-year-old minds operates, according to Deggelman.

Deggelman added that students are always invited to the Junior Parent Night, but the event is designed for parents.

This year’s powerpoint will be posted online the day of the event. It will be accessible here  under the heading of “Junior Information.”