Student section moved closer to snack shack

Fariha Beig, Author

Fans of Palo Alto High School’s football team will see a new seating arrangement tonight during the the most anticipated game of the year at the Hod Ray Football Field.

The administration chose to temporarily move the student section closer to the snack shack due to conflicts among fans, specifically between parents and Paly students.

“It makes sense to move the students over,” assistant principal Jerry Berkson said.

He added that the seating arrangement enables other fans who don’t want to stand to see the game.

Signs will be posted to direct Paly football fans to the new seating arrangement.

According to assistant principal Kathleen Laurence, the band will sit between the student section and the other fans.

An advantage of the move is that students will be able to stand during the game without arising conflict with other fans.

Both Laurence and Berkson emphasized that this is a temporary move, which will be altered as necessary.

“We [the Paly administration] still got all this new stuff going on and we are refining from last week. We are going to try this and see how it works.”  Laurence said. “Hopefully, everyone will be happy, and they all will come out and join the game.”