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Verbatim: Students react to tardy policy

A new tardy policy implemented this year would encourage teachers to reach out to families when students have more than three tardies in a class. Students who accumulate tardies across multiple class periods will be assigned to a Study Hall intervention session with an administrator. 

The Paly Voice asked Palo Alto High School students about their thoughts on the new policy.

“Being on time is just a good habit to develop, and having an email sent home to my parents did help with my attendance a lot, I haven’t been tardy since I got the email.”

— senior Diya Lansberg

“The tardy policy just gives me more pressure to have to be on time. The school should be a little more laid back in terms of tardiness. If you’re only two minutes late, they shouldn’t be so strict about it.”

— freshman Kane Do

The tardy policy has affected me quite a bit because especially in the mornings, I’m typically a little bit late. Even though I might be there before any actual material has been started, I still receive a tardy. Until actual material starts, tardies should not be applicable.”

— sophomore Malcolm Ginwalla

“I’m not usually tardy, so the policy hasn’t really affected me yet. Having a stricter tardy policy is good, because it’ll make sure people get to class on time, but not too strict because sometimes you’re going to be tardy no matter what.”

— junior Freya Lyon

Photos by Anna Feng and Sophia Yang

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