Students reflect on Spring Spirit Week


Sophomore Heiren Noone (left) sports her bright green Minecraft costume during the best-dressed competition at brunch Friday on the Quad. Noone said she has been enjoying the dress-up aspect of this week’s Spring Spirit. “I really like best-dressed activities and I love spirit week,” Noone said. “I think that the more costume-y days are my favorite.” (Photo: Kristine Lin)

Kristine Lin, Managing Editor

Additional reporting by Nathan Jiang, Ketan Altekar-Okazaki, Maxwell Zhang, and Kasmira Lada

After the last Spring Spirit best-dressed competition during brunch Friday on the Quad, Palo Alto High School students are hoping to keep Spring Spirit as an annual tradition.

Today’s dress-up theme, “Paly Spirit,” had students flaunting their green and white colors across campus. According to senior Gordon Terrell, he enjoyed seeing his peers’ innovative and spirited outfits throughout the week.

“They [best-dressed activities] are a good way for students to show off their creativity and ability to use what’s in their closet,” Terrell said.

Sophomore Kira Loginova said the best-dressed competitions are an opportunity to strengthen the Paly community while having fun. 

“I like how there’s a sense of unity between all the students dressing up as wacky as they possibly can,” Loginova said.

In Thursday’s rally, several Associated Student Body members were disappointed with the audience turnout. According to junior Siri Schaefer-Bastian, informing more students about Spring Spirit earlier in advance would have helped.

“We haven’t had that much participation as regular Spirit Week because I think people didn’t really know [about Spring Spirit],” Schaefer-Bastian said. “But as soon as people picked up, we started getting more participation.”

Schaefer-Bastian said she believes many students appreciated participating in the event and looks forward to doing another Spring Spirit in the future.

“A lot of people say that they want [Spring] Spirit Week, so I definitely think that if we keep this going as a tradition, it’ll get more participation over the years,” Schaefer-Bastian said.

Senior Drew Nagesh echoed this sentiment, as he said having a second spirit week in the school year has benefited the student body.

“It [Spring Spirit week] will never be the same as the original spirit week,” Nagesh said. “It’s important to keep that one [the original] special, but there’s nothing wrong with extra days for more spirit.”