Best Dressed event commences Spring Spirit


WATCH ME. Senior Ben Fry steps off the stage after presenting his look to the judges during brunch on Monday the Quad. The Associated Student Body is hosting Spring Spirit, a second rendition of the fall Spirit Week following scale-backs resulting from unsportsmanlike behavior last semester. According to ASB Vice President Mike Song, today’s dress-up theme is part of a larger picture for Spring Spirit. “We wanted to switch things up from the traditional spirit week themes, and it also ties into having Spring Spirit this year,” Song said. “We already have event traditions like Quadchella, but we wanted to incorporate it into a more comprehensive event.” (Photo: Maxwell Zhang)

With the testing season around the corner, many students are gladly turning to a week of Best Dressed events as a part of Spring Spirit to relax and bond with classmates.

Monday’s theme was “Country and Country,” where students could opt to dress as ranch hands or country club members. After discussion, the judges decided to nominate sophomore Kira Loginova and senior Drew Nagesh as the “best-dressed.”

According to Loginova, the ranch hand experience was not new to her, but dressing up with others was still exciting. 

“I ride horses with a Western style, so I’m into the whole cowboy thing,” Loginova said. “I like how there’s a sense of unity between all the students dressing up as wacky as they possibly can.”

Nagesh said it was especially important that he dressed up, given that he was voted “most spirited” earlier in the year by his fellow seniors. 

“Since I was voted most spirited by my senior class, I had the responsibility to show up on any given dress-up day, especially on a day like today,” Nagesh said.

Nagesh said Spring Spirit was a great addition to the school year following the scale-backs on this year’s fall Spirit Week due to sportsmanship issues.

“It [Spring Spirit week] will never be the same as the original spirit week,” Nagesh said. “It’s important to keep that one [the original] special, but there’s nothing wrong with extra days for more spirit.”

According to Associated Student Body Vice President Mike Song, the goal of Spring Spirit was to boost school morale going into the AP testing season and upcoming finals week.

“We know that there is AP testing and finals coming up, so we wanted to promote positive school spirit and hype things up before going into the last stretch of the school year,” Song said.

Tuesday’s theme will be “Anything but a Backpack,” and the first Spring Spirit rally, featuring a student versus staff volleyball game, will be held at lunch in the Big Gym.