Winter rally results in staff victory, Prom reveal

Sophia Yang and Anna Feng

Student vs Staff Basketball

Staff triumphed over seniors, 14-12, in Palo Alto High School’s students-versus-staff basketball game during the return of the lunch Winter Rally on Wednesday in the Peery Center. 

Despite the students putting up a hard fight resulting in many fouls, staff ultimately came out on top, sinking two shots in the last quarter.

Although varsity basketball players were banned from participating in the game, senior Mert Yanar, a varsity boys’ basketball player, coached the student team while senior O’Maria Sephers coached the staff. 

In spite of the unsatisfying end for students, participant and senior Russ Filter said staff had an impressive performance.

“I do not feel satisfied,” Filter said. “I think it was an unfairly rough game. I think Shaq [Sh’qil Green an Instructional Assistant] played very well. He’s very respectful, and I think he did a great job on the court.” 

Librarian Sima Thomas, who participated in the match, said although she has little experience with basketball, the match was an enjoyable experience. 

“I’m not a natural at basketball,” Thomas said. “I didn’t really know what to do … but I thought it was a good time.” 

The rally also included performances from the Paly cheer and dance teams and the school band to celebrate school spirit and community. Members of the Associated Student Body also revealed this year’s Prom location, which will take place April 29 at the City View at Metreon in San Francisco.

With Prom set to take place the weekend before Advanced Placement testing, junior Lachlan Kirby said the decision for timing was not optimal. 

“April 29 is not really a great date because AP tests are directly after,” Kirby said. “It’s going to be hard to have fun at prom knowing that you have AP exams next week, so I think that was a really poor decision.” 

According to junior Neel Sharma, seeing his teachers in an environment beyond the classroom during the basketball game was entertaining and novel. 

“It’s cool to see teachers do something that students usually do and be able to beat us in it,” Sharma said. “It’s something I’m not used to in school.”

Thomas echoed this sentiment, saying that games between staff and students are a great way to connect and form relationships beyond the classroom. 

“It [the game] is very competitive and at the same time also really good fun,” Thomas said. 

Getting the chance to participate in students-versus-staff games is an experience Sharma said he would like to see more often. 

“I think once a month, having some sport and switching it up … would help bring the school together, bring the students and teachers together,” Sharma said.