Final rally closes out Spirit Week

Anna Feng and Sophia Yang

With colorful floats and enthusiastic dances from each grade, the Palo Alto High School student body concluded the festivities of Spirit Week on Friday at Viking Stadium and is now focusing on tonight’s Homecoming dance. 

The week concluded with the senior class in first place with 12,900 points, juniors in second with 10,500 points, sophomores in third with 9,700 points, and freshmen in last with 5,300 points.

According to senior Carly Chandler, the seniors brought a lot of school pride and unity to the rallies.

“It [Spirit Week] felt more like a community then it had been in past grades,” Chandler said. “This year we definitely gave it our all, especially in the dance. The float was really good too and the rallies were really loud.”

Junior Zora Wakelee said she is satisfied with the performance of the junior class and enjoyed seeing elevated school spirit from last year. 

“I think we did really good,” Wakelee said. “I feel like it’s been really fun this year, especially a step up from last year, and I thought the floats were really cool.” 

Sophomore Charlie Chen, Associated Student Body class senator, said the sophomores remained spirited throughout the week and ultimately performed well at the final dance.

“They did such a great job choreographing the dance,” Chen said. “Even though we did not win against the juniors, I think we did a very decent job.”

According to freshman Motoko Iwata, seeing the seniors perform at Spirit Week makes her excited to do similar activities.  

“It’s been cool to see all the seniors participate really strongly because it makes me excited for three years from now,” Motoko said.

For Chandler, she will miss the unique experiences of Spirit Week and the opportunity to bonding with classmates.

“I will miss aspects of Spirit Week after I graduate, like getting dressed up and going all out [which] is very fun,” Chandler said. “It’s really fun to have that community and passion all for one thing, and spirit for your grade which you don’t really have in college.”

Looking to next year’s Spirit Week, Chen said he is excited to see how his class will perform and anticipates a lot more class pride.

“I’m definitely excited about next year’s Spirit Week,” Chen said. “Next year we’re going to win big. I’m not going to bet against the seniors, but we are definitely beating the sophomores and the freshmen.”  

Students can attend the Homecoming dance at 7:00 p.m. tonight in the Small Gym.