Amid rally scalebacks, students enjoy Spirit Week on the Quad

Ash Mehta, Lucianna Peralta, and Carissa Tsui

At the second of an exciting two days of best-dressed Spirit Week events on the Quad during brunch, Palo Alto High School students continue to show off their Paly pride and dress up.

This best-dressed Quad activity came as a replacement for the spirit rallies, in a last-minute decision by administrators and the Associated Student Body. This decision was due to unsportsmanlike behavior at the Sept. 9 Paly-Gunn football game.

Typically, rallies are held every day of Spirit Week, a week where Paly students from all grades dress up according to different themes, such as “salad dressing” and “generations.” This year, rallies will only be held Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

So far, due to thanks to a good performance in the best-dressed activities and other Spirit Week events, sophomores are in the lead at 1600 points, followed by seniors at 1200, and finally juniors and freshmen tied for last place at 600. 

Though Paly has not held any rallies yet, sophomore Faizan Kashmiri said he could still feel the energy. 

“It’s [Spirit Week] probably one of the most stunning spectacles you can see on a school campus to be perfectly honest,” Kashmiri said. “You just see total raw energy exploding.” 

Junior Esther Chung said she’s happy with how Paly has adjusted to the rally date changes, and is glad Paly is making accommodations.

“We’re kind of making something fun with what we have,” Chung said. “It’s really nice to see peoples’ outfits and just to cheer them on. I wish we had a rally, but like it’s fine.”

The turnout for the brunch activities was notably lower than the turnout for the traditional lunch rallies, according to junior Bee Montes, who said that she wished the turnout was higher.

“I definitely miss the rallies but I think this is kind of funny, because we just get to see everyone walk [down the runway],” Montes said. “I wish the whole school went to watch though.”

Sophomore Maya Baj-Bhandari said that she didn’t think the best-dressed activity was long enough, and wished it was held for a longer time.

“I think the best dressed is really fun, but I think 15 minutes is not really like enough time for … a replacement of a rally,” said Baj-Bhandari.

Senior Kyle Park said that he thinks the seniors will win this year’s Spirit Week. Chung said she’s not confident that juniors will win, but she remains hopeful.

Rallies will be held this Wednesday in the Big Gym at lunch, Thursday on the football field at lunch, and Friday on the football field after seventh period.