Students launch new clubs at spring Club Day

Sofie Zalatimo and Arohi Bhattacharya

Many new clubs are preparing for the semester following their debuts at Club Day Thursday on the Quad. With students looking forward to attending their first club meetings, The Paly Voice talked with some of the new club presidents about their clubs’ purposes and future plans.

Sophomore Rebecca Fakatou shows her poster for the Paly Polynesian Club to prospective students on last Thursday’s Club Day. (Photo: Daniel Garepis-Holland)

Paly Polynesian Club

The Paly Polynesian Club was created by sophomore Rebecca Fakatou to provide information and lessons about various Polynesian cultures.

“We’re going to be learning about all the different cultures in Polynesia, like Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, and everywhere else,” Fakatou said. “You don’t have to be Polynesian, anyone can come to just learn.”

Fakatou said that her goal for the club is to create a community of inclusion and diversity, immersing herself and others in Polynesian culture.

“I hope that more people can feel included and have a community that they can go to,” Fakatou said. “I plan on learning dances, possibly learning about music, maybe even learning about the foods and trying them out.”

Senior Emily Yao holds a bunch of flowers for her Flowers for Palo Alto Club. (Photo: Daniel Garepis-Holland)

Flowers for Palo Alto Club

Senior Emily Yao started the Flowers for Palo Alto Club in an effort to encourage random acts of kindness on campus. Her club will spend meetings distributing flowers to students and staff members.

“Buying and giving out flowers to friends and people in the community is something I used to do for fun, and I found that it was a really rewarding experience,” Yao said. “I wanted to bring that to Paly to amplify that positivity in the community.”

Yao said the pandemic prompted her mission to spread positivity within her school.

“Especially during the pandemic, it’s so important to bring the community together and show compassion and appreciation for others,” Yao said. “It’s nothing big really, but I think that it’s the smaller actions that can be catalysts for greater change.”

Junior Vivian Trach encourages students to join Palo Alto High School’s new Kazoo Club, which she chartered for the spring semester. Several clubs made their debut at the second semester Club Day at lunch on Thursday on the Quad. “Kazoo club is just a really fun, healthy environment for everyone who loves kazoo,” Trach said. (Photo: Daniel Garepis-Holland)

Kazoo Club

Junior Vivian Trach created the Kazoo Club this semester in hopes of building relationships with people with similar interests in the unnatural instrument and sharing it with the Palo Alto High School community.

“We do kazoo parodies, we’ll do a kazoo investigation on just like the shape and structure, and general classical kazoo music,” Trach said. “We want to perform, like Paly Choirs, but Paly Kazoo, on the Quad someday. That’s our main goal.”

She said her interest in beginning the club started with a funny video and an inspirational friend.

“I sent my co-pres [club co-president, Allison Dayton] a kazoo parody of ‘Encanto’’s ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno,’ and she was like, ‘We should start a Kazoo Club,’ and that’s where it started,” Trach said.

Students read the poster for Paly Pickleball Club, considering whether to sign up. (Photo: Daniel Garepis-Holland)

Paly Pickleball Club

Paly Pickleball Club, created by freshman Christian Sue, offers an opportunity for Paly students to learn and practice a new sport.

“We’re going to hit for about one to two hours from the time school ends,” Sue said. “It’s just a great way for people to socialize and learn a new sport and have fun together.”

Sue said he has played Pickleball for two years now, and hopes to find a community of others who enjoy the sport.

“My goal is to meet a lot of new people, maybe get a doubles partner, and to just get to know new people in general and help people to learn a new sport,” Sue said.

A co-president for the Formula 1 Club talks to prospective students about the club’s interests and weekly plans. (Photo: Daniel Garepis-Holland)

Formula 1 Club

Formula 1 Club was formed by junior Sal Meehan as an environment for others with the same passion for racing to connect.

“We’re going to talk about the new season of Drive to Survive coming out, and they kind of cover a lot of the background of what happens in the Formula 1 season that you don’t really see, like more about team strategy and stuff rather than just the race cars,” Meehan said. “And we just cover everything that happened throughout last season.”