Best podcasts from KPLY Paly Radio 2019

Amy Yu, Editor-in-Chief

KPLY, Palo Alto High School’s Radio and podcasting publication, has something for everyone. From investigative journalism about the housing crisis in East Palo Alto to advice on healthy relationships, The Paly Voice has compiled a list of the best podcasts to listen to from 2019 created by Paly’s hidden gem, KPLY.

Spiral: Passive Aggressiveness (Nov 2019)

In this episode of Spiral, producer Isabel Armstrong analyzes the detrimental effects of passive-aggressiveness, its seldom discussed motivations, and how to overcome it.

An Investigation into the East Palo Alto Housing Crisis (Dec 2019)

Shots Fired – How facts and fiction intermingle with the rise of conspiracy culture (Oct 2019)

With the rise of the internet, false information has a wider grasp than ever, causing distrust in news and government. In this podcast, producer Isabel Armstrong analyzes the extent to which conspiracy culture exists, and whether or not it is a threat to democracy.

Profiling Palo Alto: TikTok (Oct 2019)

In this episode of Profiling Palo Alto, Palo Alto High School students Ruthie Roach and Victoria Soulodre discuss their rise to TikTok fame, and the mystery behind Generation Z’s new obsession with the social media platform.

Esse Episode 1: Pure Comedy (Oct 2019)

Producer Ellie Walsh explores how Father John Misty’s song, Pure Comedy, explores philosophical questions and humanity at large.

Weightlifting and Body Image (Oct 2019)

Producer Hannah Shader explores gym culture and the relationship between weightlifting and body dysmorphia. Interviews with Yael Sarig and Wendy Sterling, MS.

Tangent E1: Contemporary Film Classics ft. Max Rosenblum (Nov 2019)

C Magazine and KPLY are proud to present Tangent, PALY’s Arts and Culture podcast. Host Raj Sodhi interviews special guest PALY senior Max Rosenblum about contemporary film classics. Other topics include: influence of Kurosawa’s samurai films and the coming-of-age genre.

Rising Artists Episode 1: mxmtoon (Dec 2019)

This episode of Rising Artist is brought to you by The Paly Voice and KPLY. Host Amy Yu explores indie-pop artist mxmtoon’s rise to stardom and what mxmtoon means to her fans.