Recap: Seniors extend their lead after Generation Day

Malia Wanderer, Sports Editor

Freshmen and seniors, armed with socks, run to throw them during the Clean Your Room game. The freshmen-senior team won the game, earning  1,500 points. Photo: Margaret Li

As Spirit Week draws to a close, the seniors remain in the lead with the juniors close behind after Generation Day. 

Each grade dressed up to represent a different generation and participated in the lunch-time rally.

The freshmen dressed as babies, the sophomores as teeny boppers, the juniors as sophisticates and the seniors as senior citizens.

During the lunchtime rally, students cheered on their classmates as they competed in the Clean Your Room and Water Bottle Flip games.

The seniors and freshmen teamed up against the juniors and sophomores to win Clean Your Room, barraging the junior-sophomore team with socks, earning  1,500 points, while the juniors and sophomores earned 1,200.

The freshmen won the Water Bottle Flip, the juniors got placed second, the seniors placed third, and the sophomores came in last.

Following the competitions, each grade sent two students to compete for Best Dressed. The seniors won, followed by the sophomores and freshmen, with with the juniors coming in last. 

Unlike every other day this week, none of the grades lost points in the sportsmanship or cleanliness categories. 

The seniors currently have the lead with 12,250 points, the juniors are in second with 11,700 points, the sophomores are third with 10,700 points, and the freshmen are last with 9,300 points.

Today is the final day of Spirit Week, and the seniors will wear camo while all the other grades will be sporting green and white to represent Paly pride. The lunch rally will feature the traditional Relay Race game, and during the Tutorial rally each grade will perform their spirit dance and show off their float.