Opinion: Ridin’ solo at Prom

Olivia Ramberg-Gomez and Ria Pai

[named left to right] Seniors Jenny Tseng, Iris Hart, Natalie Churchley, and Maria Fletcher pose for a picture before heading to Prom 2018. “It was super fun going with just my group of friends,” Hart said. “We had a lot of fun taking pictures.” Photo provided by Iris Hart

Teens in America grow up surrounded by movies and shows that emphasize Prom as one of the most important events in their high school experience. Everything from finding the perfect dress, to preparing for the big night, Prom is set up to be the best night ever. It’s the high school dream.  

Seemingly the most significant aspect of Prom is finding the perfect date, and with Prom quickly approaching, many students feel they have to meet the expectations that have been set in these movies and shows. 

The movie “High School Musical”, for example, has an entire music number dedicated to Prom. They sing about picking out the perfect dress or tuxedo, getting ready, and of course, finding the perfect date.

But what is the big deal about going solo?

Many people may feel that they need to have a date to have fun at Prom. Movies and shows that have Prom scenes create an unrealistic picture of what Prom is supposed to be like. If you watch these enough times, it can feel like you have to make your experience exactly like the ones you see on TV.

Having a date or not does not define how the night will turn out. You can go with friends, or even invite someone you know from another school.

Current senior Iris Hart attended her first Prom last year and opted to go with friends instead of with a date.

“It was super fun going with just my group of friends,” Hart said. “Some of them had dates, but most of them didn’t.”

According to Hart, whether or not you have a date shouldn’t impact your decision to attend Prom, since it is fun to get dressed up, take pictures, and dance, regardless of who you go with.

Going without a date also offers more flexibility, as there’s no stress for coordinating outfits, and you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on corsages or boutonnieres.

As long as you go with a group of people or a person you know you will have fun with, your Prom experience will be great.

No matter if you’re going solo or going with a date, either way has its perks. Dance all night, take fun pictures, and have the best night ever.