District cites security, streamlining for student password reset

Dylan Fu and Ryan Wisowaty

The Palo Alto High School administration is instructing students to change their Rapid Identity portal passwords prior to Dec. 4 as administrators plan to update the system’s security and streamline the login process.

In a Schoology message Tuesday, Assistant Principal Tom Keating stated that the password change is necessary to “maintain the ongoing security of PAUSD infrastructure” as updates are made to the current system.

According to Operations and Security Manager Ignacio Padilla, the changes will align Paly with other schools in the district, which already have regularly scheduled password resets.

“The middle schools already do this for students, so what we’re going to do is the same thing for everyone across the board,” Padilla said.

Padilla also clarified that the update was in order to improve the ID portal’s capability to access multiple services with a single password.

“We are enabling single sign-on for every service that we provide,” Padilla said. “One password allows you to log into multiple accounts, so to multiple services. We want to make sure that all those passwords synchronize across the board to make sure that you guys don’t have any issues.”

Padilla advises students having issues reconnecting to the PAUSD Wi-Fi network to have their devices forget the network and re-authenticate.

For any student that has issues related to the password reset, Padilla advises that they visit the Internet Technology office or email [email protected].