Preview: Spirit Week to push forward with Salad Dressing day

Eric Bo-Han Yap, News Editor

As an intense first day of Spirit Week comes to a close, the festivities are set to continue on Day Two, which will feature Salad Dressing traditional class themes and lunch rally activities — Knee Trembler, Pony Hop and Best Dressed — concluding with yet another highly anticipated school unity experience.

For Salad Dressing day this year, the freshmen will wear sports apparel for Healthy Choice, sophomores will don wild western clothing for Ranch, juniors will sport beachwear for Thousand Island and seniors will dress in ancient Roman attire for Caesar.

This year, members of the Associated Student Body have taken initiative to include certain games in which more students can get involved.

“For Day Two, we are bringing back the game Knee Trembler, but also we are adding a new and fun game called Pony Hop,”  said junior Virginia Thayer, one of ASB’s spirit commissioners. “This week we are also bringing back some games from the 2016 Spirit Week, such as hamster ball races. We are trying to make this Spirit Week as fun and inclusive for everyone, with a new advisory game that is not reliant on one person per grade.”

As per Spirit Week tradition, float building will continue to take place for each class in the auto shop from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

“During this entire week in the auto shop we have float building,” Thayer said. “This is a super fun way to help out your grade and get to know your classmates.”

For more information on rally games and dress-up days, go to Paly ASB’s website.