Top nine tips to de-stress

Leila Chabane, Author

From tests to extracurricular activities, the life of a high schooler can be extremely stressful. Sometimes, people need to take a break and de-stress in order to take care of on one’s mental health.

The Paly Voice sat down with Stanford psychologist Amal Elanouari, who deals with mental health in Palo Alto and understands the importance of mental health in student life.

According to Elanouari, it is important to be aware of one’s mental state and to understand that similarly to treating the flu, taking care of one’s mental health is crucial.

“Creating healthy minds starts with you recognizing your stress triggers, distress symptoms, taking a break and breathing slowly,” Elanouari said. “Remembering you are not alone and being mindful that just as your body can get sick, your mind can also be impacted by illnesses if you do not take care of all aspects of who you are including your body, mind, and psyche.”

Here are nine strategies Elanouari suggests as a way to wind down.

Here’s a sneak peak at Rachel Code’s upcoming playlist about unwinding and relaxing for upcoming finals and AP exams, titled Rcode’s Unwind: