Verbatim: Benefits of Camp Unity

Morgan Keller and Katie Cox

Camp Unity — a leadership program to enhance a student’s understanding of oneself and others — will kick off its fall trip on Wednesday, Sept. 21 and return early Saturday afternoon, Sept. 24.

There will be two sessions, one in Spring and one in Fall. About 50 students are allowed to attend each session. It is held at the Camp Harmon retreat in Boulder Creek. Applications are on the Palo Alto High School website, and students can be nominated by former Camp Unity attendees or they can nominate themselves.

The purpose of this program is to influence students to branch out of their usual social groups to meet new people and open their eyes, according to Letitia Burton, Paly living skills teacher and former participant of the program.

The Paly Voice asked previous attendees about their experiences and the benefits of the camp.