Administration enforces new entrance policy at football game

William Sallomi, Author

Palo Alto High School students wait in line to enter tonight's home football game against Archbishop Mitty High School. Assistant principal Jerry Bergson says that the procedure was implemented to help keep football games safe.
Students wait in line to enter tonight’s football game against Archbishop Mitty High School. Photo: William Sallomi.

After experiencing problems with student drinking at a home football game two weeks ago, Palo Alto High School administrators tonight instituted a new check-in system at the entrance to home football games.

Assistant Principal Kathie Laurence sent a message to all Paly students earlier this week via Schoology explaining the new entry procedure.

The new rules include students entering the stadium using a separate gate, being barred from bringing liquids into the stands, and having their bags searched.

According to Principal Kim Diorio, her administration is implementing the procedure because of students drinking at the last home game against Patterson High School on Aug. 26.

“It was reported to us that last week there was quite a large number of students drinking in the students’ section,” Diorio said. “It occurred to us that they were bringing liquids [alcohol] into the stadium as well.”

Diorio said students should expect the procedure to be in place for the rest of the football season.

“We [administrators] will probably use it at every home game at least for this year,” Diorio said.

The administration’s priority is to prevent student drinking rather than handle the problems caused by it, according to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson.

“Prevention is a lot better than having to deal with it later,” Berkson said.

According to Berkson the goal of the new check-in system is to maintain safety at football games.

“The bottom line is that we have to keep the place safe for everyone,” Berkson said.