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Tuesday Tunes: Georgina Wu

Aisha Chabane

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Junior Georgina Wu sat down with The Paly Voice to discuss her various tastes in music including classical and alternative rock. Photo by Aisha Chabane

Junior Georgina Wu sits down with The Paly Voice to discuss her various tastes in music including classical and alternative rock. Photo by Aisha Chabane.

The Paly Voice sat down with singer, songwriter and musician junior Georgina Wu to discuss her musical journey and to compile a list of her favorite songs.

Wu is an active member of the choir community and also writes and performs music whenever she gets a chance.

According to Wu, her musical journey began when she discovered the world of Spotify.

“I downloaded anything that I could get, anything that I thought sounded good,” Wu said. “I listened to it all the time. Since then, listening to music has become a really huge part of my life. I would feel really weird if I didn’t listen to music everyday.”

Not only is Wu a singer and songwriter, she also enjoys playing the piano and guitar.

According to Wu, her vocal coach Ying Wang discovered her talent when she was a freshman and thanks to Wang’s assistance Wu has more confidence in her singing abilities.

“Before I met that teacher I thought that I was okay in singing, but when I met her she taught me techniques and made me realize how good I am,” Wu said. “She brought me into music and she always had the confidence in me.”

Wu gets ideas and techniques from a variety of artists but her biggest creative inspiration is Lady Gaga.

“I look up to all different artists, I take all different things, and performing styles and techniques from all different artists,” Wu said. “But for inspiration I really like Lady Gaga. She just does not care.”

According to Wu, her taste in music has changed as she got older.

“I used to listen to really poppy music like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift,” Wu said. “I really got into rocky alternative and later I listened to R&B rap songs. Right now I’m really into dance electronic music, but through all of this I have always had a fascination with classical music.”

According to Wu, music has made her a more sensitive person and encourages others to try music.

“I think it raises your emotional sensitivity and listening or playing music will make you a more compassionate and a kind person,” Wu said.

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