Gym Construction moving along

Chirag Akella and Ethan Kao

Photo by Amy Leung
The newly demolished big gym sits in shambles. Photo by Amy Leung

Construction continues to take over Palo Alto High School as the small gym is scheduled to be demolished later this week, a few days after the big gym’s demolition.

After construction on the Paly gym was delayed by over a year, the demolition of the big gym marked the start of a optimistically uninterrupted stretch for Paly, after which the new gym complex will be finished in 18 months, according to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson.

“Other than being a year behind, from this point forward we’ll be a smooth sail besides the El Niño storm expected this year,” Berkson said. “We’ll just put a tarp over it.”

Also, the Churchill parking lot will be further decreased during the upcoming weeks until the demolition of both gyms are fully complete and building begins, according to Berkson.

“The [gym] construction affected some staff parking which means staff have to move out into the student parking, which means students lose parking,” Berkson said.