Yearbook expands senior photo options

Will Zhou and Sam Lee

This year, seniors will be able to submit their own photos for their yearbook portraits, greatly expanding their options from previous years.

In years prior, seniors were limited to paying for a professional photographer, using their student identification cards or attending a free session in which they were unable to chose their photo.

“I thought it [the old system] was good, but kind of overpriced,” senior Courtney Lovely said.

With a new leadership team, Madrono is aiming to improve its photo submission policy.

“This year, we have [Madrono has] a new teacher, and we both agreed that it was ridiculous that people [felt pressured to] pay for their senior portraits so we decided that this year we would try a new method of doing it,” Co-editor-in-chief, Blake Ragsdale said. “We are really trying to redefine the yearbook, and this was one of the steps in order to redefine it.”

Seniors seem to enjoy this new option.

“I think allowing your own submissions is great,” senior Alfredo Gonzalez said. “It’s good for people who want the freedom that a professional photo shoot has with location, but don’t want to pay the price.”

The photos must follow certain guidelines.

“They must be 4 inch by 5 inch, 300DPI, and a professional-looking photo, delivered to the yearbook classroom – Room 101  via USB after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays,” Ragsdale said.

Photos will be due by Oct. 15, according to Madrono’s photo guide.

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