Seniors launch gaming community

Ido Gal and Adele Bloch

Two Palo Alto High School seniors are actively publicizing their new gaming-community website “Play On,” designed for students who are interested in relaxing by playing video games.

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Two Paly seniors Griffin Bajor and Jake Gurle co-founded “Play On,” a gaming community targeted towards students who are looking to relax by playing video games.

Griffin Bajor and Jake Gurle co-founded “Play On” for Palo Alto Unified School District students with all levels of expertise in the gaming world.

“You might already play games, you might not,” Bajor said. “If you don’t, you can discover the great games out there to play on your Windows or Mac computer. If you do already play games, add your favorite games to the service to find new people to play with.”

Users are encouraged to purchase the easily accessible “Disco Dodgeball,” “Garry’s Mod,” “Risk of Rain” and “Hammerwatch” to have gaming compatibility with other users. With the donation from an Indie Developer 82apps, free copies of “Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball” are available for the first few people who sign up, according to Bajor.

“Play On” is distinct from other gaming websites because it urges high schoolers to expand from their typical friend groups to play games with unfamiliar faces on larger servers in smaller, more intimate, matches, its creators say. Bajor and Griffin say they also plan to schedule community events for larger groups to join.

“My primary goal for ‘Play On’ is to make students feel welcome to a great community,” Bajor said. “It’s just … a place for anyone to have fun.”

A series of suicides motivated Bajor to create something beneficial for his community.

“I thought about my past experiences forming small gaming communities for my friends,” Bajor said. “I realized that I could take something I could love doing and bring it to the audience of all PAUSD students.”

Together, Bajor and Gurle coded a website accessible for all students.

“When you join, you’ll be a part of a community of fellow students, all looking to have fun,” Bajor said. “It’s to take a break from the stresses of school, or to just have something fun to do.”