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Prom checklist: Guys and Girls

Many prom attendees fret about how to prepare for the big dance. The Paly Voice has compiled a list to help have a successful experience. Photos by Christian Leong and Liana Pickrell
Many Prom attendees fret about how to prepare for the big dance. In this checklist, The Paly Voice includes advice on all things attire, food, hygiene and accessories – everything you need for a night to be remembered. Photos by Christian Leong and Liana Pickrell.

As Prom quickly approaches, many wonder how to successfully prepare for the big night. The Paly Voice has compiled a checklist to ensure that each and every one of you has an outstanding prom experience.

For Guys

1. Buy a ticket and bring your student ID — Your Prom experience will be severely limited without one of these.

2. Hygiene — You don’t want any residue from last week’s party stopping you from getting into Prom. Good hygiene also comes with other perks such as friends who won’t be repulsed if your breath smells like the Cheesehouse sandwich that you ate for lunch three days ago.

3. Get a date — Going stag is cool, but it’s kind of hard to slow dance by yourself.

4. Rent or buy a tux — Good news: Nobody is going to kill you if you are wearing a similar tux as another guy. Bad news: It can’t be your dad’s from 30 years ago. Rent or buy your own, and get it professionally fitted.

5. Pick up your date’s corsage — This is mandatory – your date will love flowers.

6. Get a haircut — Don’t go to Prom with bedhead. Your date will notice the difference after spending so many hours perfecting their own hair.

7. Eat a good breakfast — Every good day starts with a killer breakfast. This is a good day, and by the transitive property, you need a good breakfast.

8. Have fun — This is a once or twice in a lifetime event for most – live in the moment and let loose. Enjoy having a blast with your friends, your class and your date. Prom is just as much as you make of it.

For Girls

1. Buy a ticket — Buy your own. It isn’t the 1920s anymore.

2. Bring an ID — Or else you won’t be allowed on the bus. So really don’t forget your ID.

3. Use alcohol free mouthwash —Don’t be that person who doesn’t pass the breathalyzer test.

4. Get your dress hemmed and properly tailored— Unless you are blessed with perfect, model-esque proportions, you will need to get your dress hemmed and tailored. You don’t want to be tripping over your dress at Prom. Also, book early so the tailor can ensure it will be done by Prom.

5. Buy a boutonniere — Boutonnieres really sharpen up your guy’s tux. Reserve a boutonniere that you can pick up the day of Prom so it is nice and fresh – you don’t want the petals to fall off.

6. Bring flats or prepare to go barefoot — Heels hurt. I thought I got “comfortable” heels last year. The lesson I learned: There are no such things as comfortable heels after three hours of dancing.

7. Eat something before you go — The bus ride takes a while. Don’t starve yourself the day before thinking you will look better in your dress. You will be really tired and won’t enjoy the night as much.

8. Have fun — This is the most important one. Prom is a blast, whether you’re going with your a date or stag. Enjoy everything from getting your hair done to picking shoes to taking photos and relishing the night itself.

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